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5 Health Benefits of Red Meat

Many of you looking to make those Healthy Lifestyle Changes are often trying to decrease your fat percentage and work on building muscle mass. Today we have a guest post by Drew who is going to explain how eating red meat is not only a great protein source but has many benefits that are often overlooked due to its bad rap. Read on to see how Drew explains the many benefits to red meat and why you should be adding it into your balanced diet if you haven’t yet!


Eating Red MeatYou’re probably not going to be very shocked when I tell you I love red meat. But it might come as a surprise for you to hear somebody actually tell you that it’s healthy and does NOT cause heart disease. Here are 5 benefits of increasing your red meat consumption: Continue reading 5 Health Benefits of Red Meat

Alkaline Trio: Three Alkaline Rich Foods That Will Cleanse Your Body

Our Western dietary habits are harmful to our health for many reasons, one of them being that our commonly eaten foods adversely affect the pH balance of our bodies, rendering them far too acidic. An acid imbalance in the diet is thought to be responsible for a large range of medical conditions, as well as for general feelings of malaise and lack of energy. To combat this, many people recommend an alkaline cleanse diet, in order to restore the body to its right balance between acid and alkaline levels.

Alkaline Food ChartOne of the many reasons why an acid imbalance causes health problems is that when there is an excess of acid, the body has to draw essential minerals from the bones and muscles, in order to neutralize the acid and restore the balance. This means that a regular diet of highly acidic foods, such as burgers, fried foods and soda drinks, ultimately results in reduced bone strength and lack of muscle tissue. At the same time, the acid is encouraging the presence of free radicals, which promote conditions such as cancer, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and digestive problems. Continue reading Alkaline Trio: Three Alkaline Rich Foods That Will Cleanse Your Body

How to Eat Consciously and Control Your Portions

When it comes to weight loss, or healthy living in general, we all know that we SHOULD eat reasonably sized portions, yet that is always easier said than done when it comes to diet. Many studies have shown that people who are able to lose weight, and keep it off, learn to control their portions. In fact, portion control can either make or break your weight loss efforts.

Portion Control

So as you can see learning to control your portions and eat more consciously are crucial to any diet efforts, yet why is it so hard for us to control our portions and not overeat. According to this article from, which you can read more about here, a behavioral psychologist named Matt Wallaert, links the ability to manage your food volume intake with that of science and behaviors. Continue reading How to Eat Consciously and Control Your Portions

Fix Your Face and Get Rid Of Acne

Get rid of acne
She hasn't ever had acne, but she has empathy for those who do.

Most people are going to struggle with acne in their life. This is called puberty alright? Mother Nature isn’t a vindictive witch trying to make your life miserable.  She is just trying to show you how insignificant you are by destroying every ounce of dignity you ever had by inflicting you with sebum clogged breakouts. Not so bad right?  There are some easy ways to combat loving Mother Nature though.  The first technique is…


Keep Your Hands Off Your Freaking Face

As you well know acne comes about from oils like sebum being clogged up in a pore. Yeah it is gross, who the heck named that oil ‘sebum’? The reason they get clogged up is because of dead skin cells.  A great way to get some dead skin stuck in a pore is by jamming it in their with your fingers. You see the implication here?  Don’t touch your face, unless you want acne. Technique two isn’t as obvious.

Exercise and Sweat The Crap Out of Your Face

When you sweat the body naturally carries away all that disgusting dead skin. So all you have to do is start sweating.  This can be done by going into a steam room or by exercising.  The later option is going to actually benefit your physique too, so I would recommend that.  Not only does exercise cause sweat though, it also promotes the production of healthy oils on the face.  It is a double win. But be warned do not forget to

Wipe Up When You Are Finished

The only down side to exercise is that when the sweat drys there is salt left on the skin.  This can lead to salt clogging the pores and then your face will be pimply and then the whole exercise will have been pointless. There is an easy solution though. Just wipe your fetching face off.  See no more salt, and the body will still be making that great face oil.  So after the double win of exercise you get a double plus win from the face wipe. After you wipe up.

Stop Stressing

Stress creates a weird concoction of hormones in the body. Once these hormones are all fire-riled you basically are screwed.  Acne infection is imminent.  Luckily some good exercise is going to cause that hormonal balance to stay in check, and that way you won’t be able to stress your self a new set of pimples on your face.

Follow the Light
What you learned in Sunday school applies to every bit of your life, even your uncomfortable adolescences.  Getting a good amount of sunlight is going to provide much needed vitamin d for the skin and it is also going ot burn away any bacterias that you may have accumulated through the day.


There you go a quick blurb on acne for ya. Enjoy next time I see you, you better not have any more acne. Got it?

“Bad” Cholesterol Could Save Your Life.

Medical professionals have been completely duped by the affects of cholesterol in the body.  The traditional idea was that cholesterol caused coronary heart disease. This is not true. We found the truth about cholesterol in a study published in the The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Titled Bad Cholesterol or Bad Science.

Turns out it is better than we thought.

LDL “bad” cholesterol has been unfairly titled.

  1. It’s an essential component of lipids, which compose the nervous system.
  2. Many of our hormones wouldn’t be made without it in our body.
  3. Vitamin D is made from cholesterol in the skin.
  4. Used to create myelin sheaths around neurons.
  5. Lastly, There is no such thing as “bad” cholesterol

Why is my cholesterol so high?

I live in a very hot, very dry desert climate.  Suffice to say I am dehydrated a lot.  This is one of the major causes for high cholesterol.

hehe yeah... water is great.

A fun little fact: As your blood becomes less hydrated it becomes more acidic, when it becomes acidic it starts causing minute tears in arteries which could peel off then lead to embolisms in the brain, kidneys or other organs. Scary right? Cholesterol though, covers and coats these little tears and prevents the life threatening embolisms. Information  accredited to F. Batmanghelidj, M.D

Your body will naturally create more cholesterol to protect you from dry climates. So if you live in a place that is as dry and as hot as my home then you are actually benefiting from your high cholesterol.

Other things like stress, fear of needles, or even putting a cuff around your arm can raise cholesterol levels.

What about Heart disease? 

Sorry, this picture is off topic.

 F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. stated (I am paraphrasing), “Cholesterol is measured from blood out of the veins, yet no time in history has there ever been a recorded case of cholesterol causing an obstruction in the veins.” he goes on to say, “Venous blood moves far slower than arterial blood and thus would be more inclined to have cholesterol deposits if the assumption of ‘bad cholesterol’ was correct”.

We think of cholesterol build up like grime clogging the pipe line.  This is actually not how it works at all. The grime actually accumulates in between the inner and outer layer of  artery wall .

The proper name for this “grime” is Atherosclerotic Plaque. And, it is composed of smooth muscle cells, calcium, connective tissue, white blood cells, of course cholesterol, and fatty acids. So you can see there are many different components that play a role in this dangerous grime.

The actual reason coronary heart disease is so prevalent is because of poor general health, not because of cholesterol. An excerpt from   the study Bad Cholesterol or Bad Science read “Proliferation of plaques may occur, not because of simple elevations in blood cholesterol, but because of unfavorable physiological conditions that damage or weaken the structure of the arterial wall. These factors include nutrient deficiencies, poor glycemic control, cigarette smoking, homocysteine, psychological stress, nitric oxide depletion, high iron levels, microbial infection, dietary trans fatty acids, excessive refined carbohydrate intake, and excessive omega-6 fatty acid intake and/or deficient omega-3 fat intake”

Your doctor has got you worked up about coronary heart disease and they are pointing to your high cholesterol as the cause of it all. There is only one problem.  It isn’t cholesterol that is the problem, there are multiple contributing factors.

How to Protect Your Heart

Now days coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes of deaths.However, you have to take into account that now days life expectancy is higher than it has ever been.  Back in the 30s average life expectancy was 60 years old, and now it is close to 80!  People are just outliving their hearts.

The best way to protect your heart is through proper nutrition and exercise.

Now, most foods are going to have some valuable nutrients in them; however, you should avoid things packed with preservatives (I am talking about fast food).  Try to eat a healthy diverse diet.  Be sure you are getting your proteins, as these will synthesize the muscle tissue needed to strengthen the heart.  Also aim for a lot of veggies. These provide essential nutrients that make that protein synthesis possible.

As far as exercise goes. Have you ever heard of walking?  I don’t want to be rude, but it is something that nobody does as much as nature intended us to.  There are even these neat things called treadmills (I left a link to wiki just in case you really don’t know what a treadmills is).  In all seriousness though, simple aerobic activities for thirty minutes a day will make a huge difference.

Spice Up Your Summer Lovin With Sexy Foods

Next time you find your self in the throes of a romantic occasion and you need a little extra je ne sais quoi to make the mood a bit more groovy (if you know what i mean). Here are some great foods that will stimulate all sorts of love related type feelings.



Everyone Loves Chocolate. If they say otherwise they are lying.

Though it is not very good for you to eat it regularly, every once and a while a little bit of chocolate can go a long way. This savory substance is packed full of phenylethylamine (an aphrodisiac) to stimulate your lovin.  Not kidding. Why do you think people give out so much chocolate on valentines day?

Here is the thing, just make sure you are eating the very dark chocolate. This stuff is proven to help prevent heart disease, stimulate neural cognition, and make people happy.  That creamy milk chocolate, well that is crap. It  is just fattening.




Interestingly enough, the majority of male honey bees live a celibate life

I don’t care how you use it, as long as it is for lovin.  Honey is the sweet nectar of Aphrodite. There is obviously something to that.

Despite being a powerful aphrodisiac this is also a very powerful immune-system-booster (sorry I don’t know the scientific name for that sort of thing). Honey is known as a super food for its holistically beneficial properties.



I don't want to hear you perverted Freudian thinking.

These contain a stimulating little chemical called capsiacin.  This is what causes that “burning” sensation on the inner orifice of the body.  I am talking about the mouth!  Though these also promote a rush of endorphin’s, meaning you are going to be feeling good.

Actually peppers are sort of like an all in one type food. The stimulate weight loss, excite endorphin, promote protein synthesis, and they are an aphrodisiac. But of course you must withstand the excruciating pain of capsiacin burning in your mouth to get the benefits. All good things come at a price.



uhh... that is not appropriate.

They are not just phallus shaped. They are packed with potassium, which is a NME (natural muscle enhancer).

These have twice the amount of carbohydrates, five times the amount of vitamin A and Iron and three times the amount of phosphorous than apples have. The old adage should be a apple banana a day keeps the doctor away.



Google's "safesearch" returned this when I typed in asparagus. close enough.

When it comes to lovin, you got to be skinny. when it comes to weight loss, this stuff works like magic. This crap is super detoxifying, which stimulates weight loss like crazy.  Soon you will be a crazy skinny lovin machine. So go get to it.

Guest Post- Beneficial Uses of Mustard Oil

The Beneficial Uses of Mustard Oil

The benefits and use of mustard oil tends to vary in different parts of the world. In countries like Bangladesh and India, it is used both in its external and edible form. The consumers of mustard oil in this country believe in its capacity to act as an anti bacterial agent as well as stimulate circulation. In certain countries of Europe however, sale of mustard oil takes place for the purpose of external use only mainly because it is believed to be toxic. While there are several benefits associated with mustard oil, you should ensure that you cross check with your house physician prior to use.

Benefits of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil serves as an excellent appetizer. It helps in increasing hunger. Mustard oil causes sensation on your stomach and intestine inner lining. This, results in the stimulation of digestive juices, making you ultimately feel hungry. Mustard oil can also act as a diaphoretic. It has properties which can stimulate your sweat glands and cause them to produce excessive amounts of sweat. It also enlarges the various pores of your skin consequently allowing an outlet in your skin for excess body water and toxins.

Mustard oil is known to have anti bacterial properties. These anti bacterial properties are both external as well as internal. Internally, mustard oil is capable of fighting bacterial infections that plague the digestive system of your body. Externally, mustard oil can treat the different types of bacterial infection which may occur on your skin. In such a situated, the mustard oil needs to be applied directly to the bacterial infections.

Mustard Oil acts as a stimulating agent for the digestive system, excretory system and the circulatory system of your body. If you apply mustard oil over your body externally, for instance, during a massage, then you will be able to increase circulation throughout your body. If you consume it in the form of food, then it shall stimulate your intestines by stimulating the bodily excretions which you experience. It can also bring out stimulation of your body’s gastric juices that are contained in the liver and the spleen and consequently bring forth digestive stimulation.

Warnings Pertaining to Mustard Oil

Although mustard oil is both sumptuous and beneficial, it contains toxic elements which can be harmful for your body. It is particularly dangerous for pregnant women. If you are not accustomed to mustard oil, then it could prove to have some negative effects on your body.

Author Bio – We are one of the leading agribusinesses in India and also have a presence in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. The leading brands from our group include Pureline, Megga and Annabhog. For more details you can check out our website

Lower Sodium Intake, Higher Potassium Intake

A high sodium diet can cause hypertension, a state of the body where your blood pressure is rising, and is one of the leading factors in cardiovascular disease. The less sodium one consumes, the lower their blood pressure is, and the less likely they are to have a cardiovascular disease.

There too many foods that contain high sodium and many foods that have toppings or condiments that are high in sodium as well. So maybe pass on that dash of salt or the side of ketchup the next time at lunch. Look for alternates of the foods you eat that have the low sodium label on them instead.

You can also eat fruits, vegetables, or any high potassium foods to help lower your blood pressure. Eating these high potassium foods causes your blood cells to take up less sodium and as a result keeps you from having a high blood pressure. So next time you’re out shopping, pay attention to how much sodium is in the foods you’re eating. The recommended amount of sodium in a day is a 2400 mg.

A Balanced Food Pyramid

We’ve all seen the food pyramid, but how many of us actually attempt to stick to it? Perhaps we don’t stick to this iconic suggestion because we don’t truly understand what it is suggesting.  The food pyramid is not telling us what foods are good or bad, but is more of a suggestion of moderation. There are no bad foods, but there are foods that we should eat less of and foods we should eat more of. It’s all about moderation. The suggested daily calorie intake for a 30-year-old is around 2,500 calories. This means those 2,500 calories  should be divided among the food groups so that it fits into the pyramid’s suggestion.

5 Drinks to Replace Soda Addiction

Whether you are addicted to soda and need a healthier change or need a quick way to lose some weight, it’s a great idea to use these drinks to replace soda.

  1. Gatoraid/Poweraid/Sports Drinks

    Soda Addiction

    Sports drinks are a great replacement for soda without resorting to plain, old water. They have healthy amounts of electrolytes and sodium to keep water pumping through your body faster and longer. Most sports drinks even come in light or zero calorie versions which makes replacing soda with one of these all the more appealing.

  2. Coconut Water

    Coconut water is more nutritious than whole milk with less the fat and cholesterol. It’s also a naturally isotonic drink, the same level as our blood, which means it replaces fluid much faster and more efficiently. Use this to combat the bad effects of soda addiction.

  3. Crystal Light/Flavor Water Packets

    There are a lot of good ways to make water a better tasting replacement for soda. Crystal Light packets offer a variety of different flavors such as raspberry lemonade that are all around 5 calories.

  4. Tea

    If you’re unwilling to go completely off caffeine when replacing soda drinks you could try a number of different teas. Green tea is a great choice that can satisfy your caffeine withdrawal as you make the transition. If green tea isn’t your thing, then maybe a black tea such as chai tea would do you well. Just make sure that the black tea is made from actual spices and not white sugar and you’re good to go.

  5. Light Juices and Juice Spritzers

    Juices are great to drink, but if you’re focused on losing weight be careful of the calories in them as some juices are worse than soda in that area. A good tip on making juices a little less full on calories is to make a spritzer. Just use seltzer water as a base and only add a little bit of juice to the mixture. This is especially useful to those addicted to soda as the seltzer fizz is a nice replacement to soda fizz.