Fix Your Face and Get Rid Of Acne

Get rid of acne
She hasn't ever had acne, but she has empathy for those who do.

Most people are going to struggle with acne in their life. This is called puberty alright? Mother Nature isn’t a vindictive witch trying to make your life miserable.  She is just trying to show you how insignificant you are by destroying every ounce of dignity you ever had by inflicting you with sebum clogged breakouts. Not so bad right?  There are some easy ways to combat loving Mother Nature though.  The first technique is…


Keep Your Hands Off Your Freaking Face

As you well know acne comes about from oils like sebum being clogged up in a pore. Yeah it is gross, who the heck named that oil ‘sebum’? The reason they get clogged up is because of dead skin cells.  A great way to get some dead skin stuck in a pore is by jamming it in their with your fingers. You see the implication here?  Don’t touch your face, unless you want acne. Technique two isn’t as obvious.

Exercise and Sweat The Crap Out of Your Face

When you sweat the body naturally carries away all that disgusting dead skin. So all you have to do is start sweating.  This can be done by going into a steam room or by exercising.  The later option is going to actually benefit your physique too, so I would recommend that.  Not only does exercise cause sweat though, it also promotes the production of healthy oils on the face.  It is a double win. But be warned do not forget to

Wipe Up When You Are Finished

The only down side to exercise is that when the sweat drys there is salt left on the skin.  This can lead to salt clogging the pores and then your face will be pimply and then the whole exercise will have been pointless. There is an easy solution though. Just wipe your fetching face off.  See no more salt, and the body will still be making that great face oil.  So after the double win of exercise you get a double plus win from the face wipe. After you wipe up.

Stop Stressing

Stress creates a weird concoction of hormones in the body. Once these hormones are all fire-riled you basically are screwed.  Acne infection is imminent.  Luckily some good exercise is going to cause that hormonal balance to stay in check, and that way you won’t be able to stress your self a new set of pimples on your face.

Follow the Light
What you learned in Sunday school applies to every bit of your life, even your uncomfortable adolescences.  Getting a good amount of sunlight is going to provide much needed vitamin d for the skin and it is also going ot burn away any bacterias that you may have accumulated through the day.


There you go a quick blurb on acne for ya. Enjoy next time I see you, you better not have any more acne. Got it?