5 Drinks to Replace Soda Addiction

Whether you are addicted to soda and need a healthier change or need a quick way to lose some weight, it’s a great idea to use these drinks to replace soda.

  1. Gatoraid/Poweraid/Sports Drinks

    Soda Addiction

    Sports drinks are a great replacement for soda without resorting to plain, old water. They have healthy amounts of electrolytes and sodium to keep water pumping through your body faster and longer. Most sports drinks even come in light or zero calorie versions which makes replacing soda with one of these all the more appealing.

  2. Coconut Water

    Coconut water is more nutritious than whole milk with less the fat and cholesterol. It’s also a naturally isotonic drink, the same level as our blood, which means it replaces fluid much faster and more efficiently. Use this to combat the bad effects of soda addiction.

  3. Crystal Light/Flavor Water Packets

    There are a lot of good ways to make water a better tasting replacement for soda. Crystal Light packets offer a variety of different flavors such as raspberry lemonade that are all around 5 calories.

  4. Tea

    If you’re unwilling to go completely off caffeine when replacing soda drinks you could try a number of different teas. Green tea is a great choice that can satisfy your caffeine withdrawal as you make the transition. If green tea isn’t your thing, then maybe a black tea such as chai tea would do you well. Just make sure that the black tea is made from actual spices and not white sugar and you’re good to go.

  5. Light Juices and Juice Spritzers

    Juices are great to drink, but if you’re focused on losing weight be careful of the calories in them as some juices are worse than soda in that area. A good tip on making juices a little less full on calories is to make a spritzer. Just use seltzer water as a base and only add a little bit of juice to the mixture. This is especially useful to those addicted to soda as the seltzer fizz is a nice replacement to soda fizz.