Lower Sodium Intake, Higher Potassium Intake

A high sodium diet can cause hypertension, a state of the body where your blood pressure is rising, and is one of the leading factors in cardiovascular disease. The less sodium one consumes, the lower their blood pressure is, and the less likely they are to have a cardiovascular disease.

There too many foods that contain high sodium and many foods that have toppings or condiments that are high in sodium as well. So maybe pass on that dash of salt or the side of ketchup the next time at lunch. Look for alternates of the foods you eat that have the low sodium label on them instead.

You can also eat fruits, vegetables, or any high potassium foods to help lower your blood pressure. Eating these high potassium foods causes your blood cells to take up less sodium and as a result keeps you from having a high blood pressure. So next time you’re out shopping, pay attention to how much sodium is in the foods you’re eating. The recommended amount of sodium in a day is a 2400 mg.