Guest Post- Beneficial Uses of Mustard Oil

The Beneficial Uses of Mustard Oil

The benefits and use of mustard oil tends to vary in different parts of the world. In countries like Bangladesh and India, it is used both in its external and edible form. The consumers of mustard oil in this country believe in its capacity to act as an anti bacterial agent as well as stimulate circulation. In certain countries of Europe however, sale of mustard oil takes place for the purpose of external use only mainly because it is believed to be toxic. While there are several benefits associated with mustard oil, you should ensure that you cross check with your house physician prior to use.

Benefits of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil serves as an excellent appetizer. It helps in increasing hunger. Mustard oil causes sensation on your stomach and intestine inner lining. This, results in the stimulation of digestive juices, making you ultimately feel hungry. Mustard oil can also act as a diaphoretic. It has properties which can stimulate your sweat glands and cause them to produce excessive amounts of sweat. It also enlarges the various pores of your skin consequently allowing an outlet in your skin for excess body water and toxins.

Mustard oil is known to have anti bacterial properties. These anti bacterial properties are both external as well as internal. Internally, mustard oil is capable of fighting bacterial infections that plague the digestive system of your body. Externally, mustard oil can treat the different types of bacterial infection which may occur on your skin. In such a situated, the mustard oil needs to be applied directly to the bacterial infections.

Mustard Oil acts as a stimulating agent for the digestive system, excretory system and the circulatory system of your body. If you apply mustard oil over your body externally, for instance, during a massage, then you will be able to increase circulation throughout your body. If you consume it in the form of food, then it shall stimulate your intestines by stimulating the bodily excretions which you experience. It can also bring out stimulation of your body’s gastric juices that are contained in the liver and the spleen and consequently bring forth digestive stimulation.

Warnings Pertaining to Mustard Oil

Although mustard oil is both sumptuous and beneficial, it contains toxic elements which can be harmful for your body. It is particularly dangerous for pregnant women. If you are not accustomed to mustard oil, then it could prove to have some negative effects on your body.

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