Lymphatic system needs help

Your lymphatic system is not the best.  Sorry, it isn’t you.  Well, I mean it isn’t ‘just’ you.  You see everyone in the world has a lymphatic system and not one of those is quite up to par. I guess you could say that the lymphatic system is just a poorly designed organ system.  Actually, it is most absolutely a poorly designed organ.


The body is constantly being overwhelmed with rubbish, mainly from that garbage food you eat.  This garbage you eat is chalk full of toxins that are working to kill your cells and upset your life.  Sometimes intellectuals call these toxins free-radicals, and then they will probably go on to say something about how they cause cancer.  And, they do.


So how do you protect yourself against these? Easy you send that garbage in your body to the lymphatic system so it can transport it to the kidneys where it will then be filtered out of the body.  Yup easy as that, but uh… how do you do that?


Back to the design flaw of the lymphatic system. Turns out there is a major one, design flaw I mean. You would think that a system responsible for draining and filtering garbage from the body would be equipped with a pump, not this system.  It is a lot like your houses sewage system, but without the water.


So what you have to do is manual locomotion to get the body to push that junk throughout the lymphatic veins.  It sounds tedious and boring i know, but sometimes it can be kind of fun.  For example rebounders are a great way to get your lymphatic system all fire riled. If you know what i mean