Spice Up Your Summer Lovin With Sexy Foods

Next time you find your self in the throes of a romantic occasion and you need a little extra je ne sais quoi to make the mood a bit more groovy (if you know what i mean). Here are some great foods that will stimulate all sorts of love related type feelings.



Everyone Loves Chocolate. If they say otherwise they are lying.

Though it is not very good for you to eat it regularly, every once and a while a little bit of chocolate can go a long way. This savory substance is packed full of phenylethylamine (an aphrodisiac) to stimulate your lovin.  Not kidding. Why do you think people give out so much chocolate on valentines day?

Here is the thing, just make sure you are eating the very dark chocolate. This stuff is proven to help prevent heart disease, stimulate neural cognition, and make people happy.  That creamy milk chocolate, well that is crap. It  is just fattening.




Interestingly enough, the majority of male honey bees live a celibate life

I don’t care how you use it, as long as it is for lovin.  Honey is the sweet nectar of Aphrodite. There is obviously something to that.

Despite being a powerful aphrodisiac this is also a very powerful immune-system-booster (sorry I don’t know the scientific name for that sort of thing). Honey is known as a super food for its holistically beneficial properties.



I don't want to hear you perverted Freudian thinking.

These contain a stimulating little chemical called capsiacin.  This is what causes that “burning” sensation on the inner orifice of the body.  I am talking about the mouth!  Though these also promote a rush of endorphin’s, meaning you are going to be feeling good.

Actually peppers are sort of like an all in one type food. The stimulate weight loss, excite endorphin, promote protein synthesis, and they are an aphrodisiac. But of course you must withstand the excruciating pain of capsiacin burning in your mouth to get the benefits. All good things come at a price.



uhh... that is not appropriate.

They are not just phallus shaped. They are packed with potassium, which is a NME (natural muscle enhancer).

These have twice the amount of carbohydrates, five times the amount of vitamin A and Iron and three times the amount of phosphorous than apples have. The old adage should be a apple banana a day keeps the doctor away.



Google's "safesearch" returned this when I typed in asparagus. close enough.

When it comes to lovin, you got to be skinny. when it comes to weight loss, this stuff works like magic. This crap is super detoxifying, which stimulates weight loss like crazy.  Soon you will be a crazy skinny lovin machine. So go get to it.