Increase Energy and Productivity at Work with Six Tricks.

Office workers have a very unique challenge that other more physically demanding jobs don’t provide.  Keeping energized and motivated while sitting in front of a computer monitor can be a struggle.  Not to worry though, there are simple tricks that can be implemented in seconds and are immediately effective.


Tap your thymus.

Tap itWhen it is tapped it triggers the production of T cells, relieves stress, and, guess what, even boosts energy.

The thymus is an integral part of the endocrine system which controls all the hormonal functioning in the body.

Tap lightly for twenty seconds while breathing slowly and deeply. It actually works.




If you spend all day staring at a screen you are probably going to get a bit bored and tired.

Blinking allows your brain to take a millisecond mini break, which is just enough for your brain to re-coop.

So try to blink ten to twenty times every minute. It will really help keep you focused.


Stand up

Standing up will get the circulation running throughout your body.

This is self explanatory. Need I say more?


Sit up straight

This works a lot like standing would.

Keeping your abdomen tight is going to keep you exerting enough energy to prevent fatigue from taking over.

It will also help to protect your back from any damage accumulated over time.


Eat an apple

Apples are full of vitamin C, fiber and complex carbohydrates.

I know it is tempting but try to avoid the chocolate and stick to an apple.

Is it cheating to eat a chocolate apple?


Drink Water

Water is the essential mixture of life. It is the very essences of all things living.

Promote your livability with some good old fashion water.

Stay away from the sticky energy drinks, they will kill you.