How to Get More Out of Your Calender

Last month I posted a little blog about how beneficial doodling is.  You will probably remember some links to different big time magazines saying that companies like facebook are even encouraging their employees to make visual notes (doodle).

The reason doodling is so effective for people who are brainstorming, remembering, or even just looking for fun is because it works a very large portion of the brain.  traditional note taking limits thought to a very small area of the brain known as the brocas. When you doodle though it activates the visual cortex of the brain and all the memories associated with whatever it is you are drawing.

Doodling = very beneficial.

That much we have determined.

Now what I am about to suggest may sound juvenile and like a lot of fun, but understand that it is also going to greatly improve your memory and hopefully help to develop a little discipline.

Every night before I go to sleep I mark off a day on my calender.  I bet you have guessed what I do to mark it. I doodle a little picture of whatever it is I did that day.  I have noticed that my memory of events has become much much better since I started doing this.

What is more I find I am more motivated to workout, seeings how if I do I know i can incorporate that into my doodle.

It is a fun little way to keep yourself motivated and remembering, try it out.