Turn off the TV

Did you know that the average American spends at least 4 hours of every single day watching TV? That adds up fast! That’s about 1/6 of every day is dedicated to the TV. Of all the activities we could think of, TV watching is the absolute least productive. Even sleeping is better for our bodies and minds than watching TV.
If there were a way that we could replace time spent on Television to something more productive, we would see an enourmous jump in productivity throughout the world. Not only this, but our minds and bodies would be dramatically healthier and happier.

If there is one healthy lifestyle change that will make a difference in your life, I would suggest to unplug the TV. Don’t pay for cable or satellite in your home. If you can’t live without it, find a way to limit yourself to at most 1 hour per day. Find a way to spend the extra time being active. over 1/3rd of all Americans are overweight. The likeliness of being overweight for someone who watches less than one hour per day are far less than someone who watches more than 3 hours per day.

Make a commitment to turn off the TV and get a life. You will feel much better in every aspect of your life. Many American’s are addicted to television without realizing it. It is imperative to our happiness and health that we put television in its place and not let it control us.

Try this out and see how it helps you.

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