Learning to Dance

Dancing is one of the earliest forms of entertainment. Yes the moves, rhythms, patterns, and techniques have evolved a lot over time, but dancing is as old as music. Dancing has been used for anything from religious rituals, performance to nobility, to finding a mate. Only recently has it begun to be used as a form of exercise.

There are some forms of dancing that are aimed solely at physical exercise. While others are more for entertainment, they can still provide plenty of physical exercise. If you ask professional dancers, they will tell you that it can be one of the most physically exhausting sports out there.

The most popular dances are latin dances such as Salsa, Chacha, Tango, Rhumba, and more. Other popular dances are Swing in its many varieties, Walts, Fox Trot, and more. Dancing can be fun, romantic, engaging, and good for the body and mind. It’s a great way to break the ice for couples.

A popular modern dance that has swept the world lately is called Zumba. Basically a style of dancing that is aimed at getting a good workout to popular hit music. Over 12 million people take weekly Zumba classes to keep them in shape. It’s so popular because anyone can do it, and it really works well. All you have to do is let the music move you and go with it.

A great idea if you want to learn how to dance is to get a partner. A partner will really help motivate you to keep it up, and the two of you can learn together.

Pick a dance style that you’re interested in and I bet you can find lessons on it where ever you’re living. Try this out! Let us know how it goes. Thanks!

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