Vitamins for Busy Moms – A to D Guide

Stressed Busy MomNo one says that being a mom is an easy task. It’s a 24/ 7 job. For some, 24 hours a day isn’t enough. No wonder that there are a lot of mommies out there who look older than their real age. Are you one of the unfortunate ones? Well, let me help you.

In this post, you will see the list of the most important vitamins you should take daily. It will help you maintain the strength, without making you look older.

Are you ready?  

Vitamin A.  Stress is a big No – No if you want to maintain good skin. When we say good, this doesn’t only mean that it looks nice. Nice means it also helps in battling different diseases. Just so you know, this vitamin keeps your ‘frontline’ healthier. Frontline in this case are your skin, eyes and nose among many others. By keeping your frontlines healthy, you can reduce the chances of infection and different diseases.  Apart from that, it reduces the risk of having cancer. Vitamin A is required so we can function properly each day.

Vitamin B. I would highly recommend this for nursing moms. You definitely need Vitamin B12 supplements. Nursing moms are prone to Vitamin B12 deficiency. Let me tell you that this deficiency can lead to serious illnesses.

For those who aren’t breastfeeding, it is also important that you take vitamin B12. Lack of this vitamin might cause fatigue.

Vitamin C Rich FoodsVitamin C. According to experts, vitamin C is one of the safest nutrients we can find. Some of the benefits of vitamin C are protection from cardiovascular diseases, eye ailments and even skin wrinkling. Yes, if you want to maintain that youthful skin, you might as well get your vitamin C. Eat more kiwis, green peppers, strawberries and oranges as  these foods are rich in vitamin C.

And as of the moment, experts believe that there will be an increasing number of benefits from Vitamin C.

Vitamin D.  Are you a busy mom who’s always under a shade? This means that you are always at home and at work? If that’s the case, it is important that you take vitamin D supplements. If you are an active mom who’s always running or walking outdoors, you don’t need to take a lot of vitamin Ds. This is good for preventing multiple sclerosis. And if you want a good functioning brain later in life, it is a must that you eat foods rich in vitamin D today.

Apart from having a daily dose of vitamins, it is necessary that you change into a healthier lifestyle. If you’re a chain smoker, might as well stop it little by little. You should start flexing those muscles by having regular exercises. You don’t have to hit the gym. Be resourceful. You can use the stairs instead of the elevator. You can do simple exercises even within your cubicle. Stand up while talking on the phone. Stretch for around a minute or two while sitting. There are so many simple exercises which you can do even if you are in the office.

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