Breathing Correctly will Change Your Life

breatheHave you ever counted the amount of times you breathe in a minute, a day, or year? I’m going to guess most likely not. I’ve never counted it either, but, as we know, it’s a lot!

Breathing is how we provide carbon dioxide to our blood. Our lungs fill up with oxygen and convert it to usable carbon dioxide, and our heart pumps the blood throughout our body. If we have lack carbon dioxide in our blood, it can cause problems.

The way we breathe effects our mood, mind, and performance. Because of this, there are many breathing techniques that have been developed by experts. There are many arts of breathing such as Yoga and TaiChi that focus on the harmony of our body movement and our breathing. These breathing techniques are associated with out brain and our hormones, and can directly affect not only our health, but our attitudes and feelings.

The term ‘take a deep breath’ which means to calm down comes by a common recognition that deep breathing helps relieve our minds, and can really help us to calm down. Breathing quickly can help speed up our heart rate, and get our blood pumping and get our bodies excited. It is a great habit to get into to try to be aware of your breathing. When we get upset or nervous, our breathing becomes harder and quicker. If we calm down our breathing, it will help to calm down our mood. When we are tired, our breathing is slow and deep. If we speed up our breathing it will help our our body wake up.

Try different breathing techniques that work for you, and try to be aware of them throughout your day. Good Luck.

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