Mind Map

This is a very useful trick for getting your mind to work a little bit differently.  If you are at work and have hit that creative barrier,  that impenetrable. The bad news is, that wall is only created by your creative limitation.  The good news is, your mind is not a well it won’t run dry.  However sometimes you do have to squeeze it a bit or turn it around to get the juices flowing again.  That is precisely what mind mapping does.  This exercise engages the mind in an analytic and creative way so it really helps to dig up buried thoughts that may not have been found otherwise.  Ok, enough with the benefits I bet your wondering how to do it.

This, conveniently enough, is a mind map of, well, mind mapping.  There are some simple steps to follow.

Start with a center topic.

Extend to subtopics

Extend again to sub subtopics 

Here is the tip to really make your brain mechanisms turn over on themselves.  Draw as much as you can.  Try to use simple one word phrases, or just a simple picture if you can.  With your first mind map it will be difficult to not write out an entire sentence as a topic; fight the urge.  Start with something you know about, that way you can get a feel for making the mind maps, and don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed.   Another tip, if you have a question about whether or not something applies to the subject, the answer is yes.  Finding connections is what creativity is all about.  So if you think it fits it does.

 Here are some examples of some pretty creative mind maps.

Remember that a mind map is personal.  Neurologist say that brains are set up very much like fingerprints there are no two alike in this whole world.  That means you mind map will be unique as well.  Do not feel like you have to copy someone else’s map. Just do what you do.  Try it out it is a real fun way to get your mind juices flowing.