Exercising to Prevent Sickness

So everyone pretty much knows that being sick totally sucks, not to mention having to go to work doesn’t make things any easier. What would be good is if someone would bring you hot soup while you lied down and read a good book, right? Or, even better than that would be if you could have avoided the sickness, and embarrassment all together. Turns out you could have, but you didn’t, because you were too lazy to exercise and eat right.

That is karma at its finest, treating your body like a lamppost in the winter time and your body contracts a cold and nobody cares—sorry about the completely pointless metaphor. Point is exercise would have prevented everything because that is what exercise does. Besides making you look awesome, perform awesome, and look awesome again because that is really all anyone cares about, exercise keeps your body healthy. The extra blood flow travels throughout the organ systems and carries nutrients around, and all that stuff.

Though everything about the body that has anything to do with organ systems, nutrients or just health in general instantly becomes boring, it is still important to know, at least the basics. There is this one system in the body that is particularly boring and important, the lymphatic system. The only way you can get the lymphatic system to actually do its job is by exercising. So if you are sitting on the couch eating potato chips and enjoying the flu, yeah, your lymphatic system is not doing anything to help you.

If you get up and start running, jump on a trampoline, or swim you can get some good lymphatic stimulation. This is how you could have avoided the total mess you are in. Keep that in mind next time you wonder if you want to be sick in the future. Remember if you do not want to be sick all you have to do is exercise.

The Importance of Behavior Modification in Diet and Exercise

 Behavior modification is crucial when it comes to attaining your exercise and diet goals. Taking off weight and attaining a certain level of fitness requires long term habits. Avoiding certain foods, planning meals, exercising regularly and staying hydrated are some of the habits which will help you maintain an ideal weight and remain fit.

Drinking Water

Drink Lots of Water

One simple habit you need to establish is to drink sufficient water every day. This is a habit that many people ignore. Staying hydrated helps maintain your ideal weight while also keeping you healthy. At times, you may feel hungry while in reality, you are really just thirsty. Drinking eight or more glasses of water every day will help carry nutrients to your body’s cells, make you feel full more often, and also keep you energized. Read more here to learn The Importance of Water and how to make it taste better if you are not a big water drinker already.  Continue reading The Importance of Behavior Modification in Diet and Exercise

Party Sober Crew Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle changes can come in many different ways. Some people might need to get off their butt and start exercising, while others might need to just start eating healthier. Those people however that struggle with addiction need to make healthy lifestyle changes to quit using drugs and alcohol.

When you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol you can’t control your drug use and continue using the drug despite the harm it causes and takes away from the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. You may want to quit, but most people find they can’t do it on their own. Now those people who have struggled with addiction have people to look up to.

Party Sober Clothing is a revolutionary clothing company designed to promote a conscious, clear state of mind and a positive lifestyle with hopes that we will inspire others to be role models and follow their dreams the same way we have. A portion of proceeds goes to a foundation that gives scholarships to teens and young adults who are seeking help and way out of addiction.

Dominic Suazo and Feril Trevor Davis started Party Sober Clothing following their passion to help those people who have struggled addiction. Suazo and Davis gave an interview with ABC News in Salt Lake city recently where they said that they have had friends who have struggled with addition and have had their own struggles as well.

While some people have cleaned up their act and are role models for those with addiction, Suazo and Davis are trying to make a normal taboo subject something to talk about by designing clothes that sport the message of a clean and healthy lifestyle.

The most revolutionary aspect of Party Sober Clothing is that they are planning to donate a portion of proceeds to a program that will sponsor or fund programs for teens and young adults who need help with their own addiction problems. While a specific fund has not yet been determined the two are hoping that with the recent media coverage they have got that they will get connections and identify an organization soon.

Find out more info on  The Party Sober Crew on YouTube

or online @ Partysoberclothing.com

Instagram @PartySoberClothing


The Sport of Trampolining

Trampolines and other rebounders are a pretty commonplace sight in more households in the country. Trampolines have been around for the better part of a century, ever since circus acrobats were seen performing their aerial stunts and landing on the springy safety of their safety-nets.

Trampolines basically work on the mechanical power provided by an extending spring. These springs will store energy as potential elastic energy as they are stretched out and will then release the energy by snapping back into their neutral position and pulling back on the bouncing tarp that they are attached to.


Although the jumping surface of the modern trampoline isn’t springy enough to provide the jumper with any altitude it does have enough give to keep it from becoming disfigured or ruined during repeated bounces. All the energy supplied by the jumper is stored and released by the springs that attach the jumping surface to a necessarily solid steel frame.


Trampolining, or the act and sport of jumping on a trampoline, has become more than just a hobby for kids after school. In the year 2000 trampolining became an Olympic sport with rigid guidelines for its various aerial maneuvers.


If you want to have fun on your home trampoline you might want to try teaching yourself some tricks. You should do all of this with extreme caution since a miss-jump or a fall can lead to serious injury and potentially even death.


You might do well to have a more experienced jumper along to help you. As you try new tricks you will always be taking some kinds of risks but you can keep these risks to a minimum by not performing beyond your own abilities and by not showing off for members of the opposite sex.


One of the most basic maneuvers that will actually be well worth your time to learn is just a straight jump. Even if you have been jumping on a trampoline for years with your little brother it will still take a concentrated effort to get a straight, high jump without having your arms and legs flailing out during your flight.


Once you have this down you should work up to something of a routine in your jumping. All of your jumps should be evenly high and should be done in a controlled manner so that you land in as near as possible to the same place with every jump.


Different maneuvers that you can work into your routine are trucks, pikes and combinations of these moves with half turns or full turns. Even if these exercises seem lame it will probably take you a ridiculously long amount of time to be able to perform them one after the other with clean, straight bounces in-between.

Never to Late to Start Working Out.

When some people think about working out they assume you need a gym membership, some steroids a huge muscles. While some people do take this approach to working out, an active lifestyle or “working out” is fiddle to everyone health.   You can workout or be active at any age. Being active will make you feel younger by giving you more energy and keeping you more healthy longer in life. You could say that working out is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. Regular exercise has be proven to prevent serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.  The benefits of exercise doesn’t stop there. In fact all of the benefits of exercise are currently not known. What we do know is that it can boost your energy, mood,  strength, reduce arthritis pain, cut down on your stress, and help you get a good night sleep. Continue reading Never to Late to Start Working Out.

Why Add Exercise to Your Life?

Exercise is one of the most vital things in a person’s life.  Too many people are living quite sedentary, which is horrible for their health and wellness.  You may be in the same boat, spending the majority of your time sitting on the couch in front of the television or sitting on the computer playing games.  Knowing why exercise is so important and which ones are great for you will help you to jump-start your new and healthier life.

Whether you use home gym equipment or you actually have a gym membership, exercise has a variety of benefits.  People who exercise are healthier overall than those who live sedentary lives.  Exercise boosts your metabolism, which is great for improving chances of weight loss.  It also helps to get blood circulating throughout the body, helping with various conditions that you might be dealing with.  It has also been said that people who exercise tend to look younger than individuals who do not.  Exercise can help to tone the body as well, helping you to look leaner and healthier. Continue reading Why Add Exercise to Your Life?

Understanding the Lymphatic System

Exercise has many great benefits to your body, and of course you want to be fit, but internally there are many things that happen to your body with regular exercise.  That being said, there are many different types of exercise equipment out there, but only one has benefits as great as a rebounder.


Rebounders are essentially mini-trampolines that can be used to exercise.  Rebounders offer a very unique type of exercise that not only allows you to achieve a low-impact, high-intensity workout, but also has a very beneficial effect on your lymphatic system, which affects your entire body.


Your lymphatic system is very important as it aids the immune system in destroying pathogens and filtering waste so that lymph can be safely returned to the circular system.  In short, it helps you stay healthier.


It removes excess fluid, waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, cancer cells, and toxins from these cells and tissue places between them.  Essentially it helps keep your body toxin free and clean.


And finally the lymphatic system also works with the circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones from the blood to the cells that make up tissues of the body.  This is another important role that our lymphatic system plays in our health.


As you can see, the lymphatic system is a very busy and important system and it would be vitally important not only to learn about it, but also to maintain it.  Having a healthy lymphatic system can prevent a wide variety of different diseases and problems including arthritis, heart disease, and cancer.


It is important to realize that the lymphatic system is not circulation of the lymphatic system does not rely on an organ like the heart, but relies on the movement of our body to achieve its pumping motion.  Two of the most effective ways to increase lymphatic circulation are massage and vigorous exercise.


Rebounding is one way to generate lymphatic circulation.  The up and down bouncing movement of our body while we are rebounding is not only good, it is very effective in helping with the circulation of the lymphatic system as it causes all of the valves in that system to open and close simultaneously.  Rebounding can increase lymph flow by as much as fifteen times.


Rebounding is a highly beneficial way to exercise as it has so many benefits, aside from a rebounder be compact and easy to carry, it also provides an intense cardio workout and promotes circulation in your lymphatic system.  Rebounding is a great way to stay in shape and get healthy.

Easy, Rewarding, and Normal

There are three necessary adjectives that will describe any successful change in one’s life. If you want to start blogging or if you want to start exercising, all you have to do is make sure that what you are doing is easy, rewarding and normal. To achieve a positive lifestyle change there is bit of work, but as long as you make it easy, rewarding, and normal you will benefit greatly from it. Let me explain.

easy buttonEasy
Making your new action  easy is going to be the first step to actually accomplishing it. If you want to make or break a habit you have to make it easy on yourself. For me I make exercise easy by buying a gym membership and keeping workout cloths in my car all the time. I make blogging easy by setting aside an hour each day for it.

trophy lifeRewarding
If something isn’t rewarding for you then you are not going to want to do it, even if it easy. Twilight isn’t rewarding for me and even though watching the movie would be a very easy thing for me to do, I still won’t because it is not in the slightest bit rewarding for me. Obviously there are health benefits to exercise. Running on a treadmill or elliptical is going burn calories, strengthen the heart, and make you stronger. Sometimes this isn’t rewarding enough, so you might have to give yourself some extra incentive. Blogging for me isn’t as rewarding as I would like it to be, so I create a reward for myself by stocking my desk with snacks–don’t worry they are healthy.

What? this is normal for me.

The key to any healthy change in life is consistency. Quitting smoking for a week doesn’t do a lot to prevent an early death. If you want to see the real benefits from quitting smoking you have to stay quit. Same with exercise or blogging or anything in life really. If you want to see the benefits of exercise you have to make it a normal part of your life. It doesn’t end when you reach your target weight or build, which is good because if it did life would be super boring. You have to maintain that physique. In smoking you have to maintain the discipline that helped you quit. And with blogging you have to maintain that resolve to express your thoughts, even if it is just to a number of SEO marketers trying to optimize your site.

Give 30 Days to a Better You

Turns out accomplishing things isn’t that hard. The trick is to get it done. Allot yourself a small time frame, having an end point gives you motivation to keep running. You want to fix up your car, give yourself thirty days to do it. IF you want to make a website, give yourself thirty days. However, it doesn’t have to be an accomplishment of some kind.

Thirty days is just the right amount of time that it takes to make or break a habit. So if you want to become more fit, try to run for thirty days. Of course you don’t have to run non-stop that would probably kill you. Just do it in the mornings or at night.

Now watch this awesome video of Matt Cutts, the man who is single-handedly destroying all SEO operators, give a little talk on his thirty day challenges.


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The best way to change your life is to put yourself in a position where you are uncomfortable.  Life isn’t mastered by anyone.  There are those who wouldn’t be able to stand for one second in an Olympic competition, and on the polar opposite of that there are those who are afraid to get up and speak in front of a crowed.  How to we become masters of our lives?  The trick is to learn to feed off resistance, to push ourselves into the deep end where the sharks swim, to call upon Darwin’s law of survival of the fittest, and to embrace the ‘fight or flight’ reaction to danger.

Resistance is the key to growth. Astronauts face a peculiar problem on extended journeys into space.  Because there is no gravitational resistance their muscles and bones start to deteriorate.  So they have to work in special equipment for up to 4 hours every day to keep their body functioning properly.  So the simple lesson take away resistance and the body starts to become weaker.  This is easily reversed, ad resistance and the body becomes stronger.  To ad resistance all you have to do is get outside of your comfort zone. Start running till you can feel your heart beating in your chest.  Like the old adage goes, No Pain No Gain.

There is nothing more dangerous than comfort. It can come in many forms and it always promote the same thing- lethargy.  “There is no need to move, to eat, to work, because I am comfortable.”  Of course rest is a necessity for the body, but when you become addicted to it then it becomes sloth.  All things in life can be addictive, comfort is no different.  In fact, it is one of the most addictive things on the earth.  The reason people smoke cigarettes despite the fact that it takes minutes off their life with each drag, is because they feel comfortable doing it.  Without it they feel uncomfortable, and it is terribly hard to wade through the uncomfortable withdrawal process.

Withdrawal from the sedentary lifestyle you live and start doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.  You will absolutely thank yourself later.

Now watch this guy.