Why You Need To Get Up

Little kid playing basketball
Remember back when you had time to play basketball?

Our society is different than it used to be. We sit down more. We sit down so much that often times we get home from sitting down and take a nap from being so tired of sitting down. It’s ridiculous. At work, on the couch, in front of the computer, by the table, there are so few times when we actually get up, go out, and move! Remember back in high school when you used to play sports and move around more? What happened?

Well most likely you either went to college or got a full-time job and found yourself too busy to be occupied with sports and activities. This happens to a lot of people, thus is why freshman in college tend to gain a few pounds. Get involved again. Go out with your friends for a friendly game of basketball, go to the gym, just make sure to get up and be active like you used to be!