Sleep Pattern For Life

Humans are amazing creatures. Our bodies are the most incredible machines in the universe. We can do practically anything when we join together our mental and physical capabilities. We heal ourselves, we think for ourselves, we turn food into usable energy, we procreate, we’re pretty cool. With a little food and water, we can be completely self-sustaining for over a hundred years. It’s amazing.

However, other than food, water, and air, there is one more thing that we need in order to keep performing at top notch. That is SLEEP. We can only keep doing amazing things if we give ourselves rest. Scientists still can’t fully explain why exactly we need to sleep, but everybody who’s lived knows how much we need it.

In our society today, sleep is not stressed as a priority. It takes a back seat on our long to-do lists. Our general attitude seems to be, make sure to get everything else done first, and then if there is time, get some sleep.

If we neglect to get adequate amounts of sleep we are hindering our mental, physical, and emotional capacities. Our brain won’t function as quick or as clearly as it could, or bodies will be slower and less energetic, and we will be less enthusiastic about the things we do. We will have a harder time learning new things, coming up with new ideas, and storing information. When we are sleep deprived, our overall performance suffers more than we may realize.

A prolonged period of time of being sleep deprived will have a big impact on our mental and emotional growth. If we miss out on sleep once in a while, it won’t have much effect on us, but if we are in a habit of not getting sufficient sleep, it will be a big hindrance on our mental growth.

In order to prevent this, we need to develop a sleeping patter. Or, in other words, a bed time and a wake-up time. When we get into a habit like this, our body becomes accustomed to it, and easily follows its pattern. As soon as we slip into bed, our body knows it’s time to sleep, and as soon as it’s time to wake-up, our body knows it’s time to get up.

A sleeping pattern makes a big difference in our overall performance throughout the day. An ideal amount of sleep is between 7 – 9 hours. Aim for that each night and you fill find a new sense of energy, well-being, and clarity of mind.

Go for it! thanks for reading.

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