A Simple Tip to Converse Without Being An Idiot

I have come to realize that people who blog all the time or socialize via online networks sort of have an impaired ability to uh… well, how to say this without sounding too bumptious? They don’t know how to communicate, not in person anyway.   Perhaps you are one of them, perhaps you are not, maybe you think you don’t need any help making your conversations more clever and interesting. That is fine. Don’t read beyond this point. For those of you who are not to prideful to get a few tips on conversation you may find this to be enjoyable and beneficial.

Be specific but not too specific.

“How is your day?” This is a very awesome conversation starter, but it is a bit traditional. People when they hear this may think that you are a bit too conservative, especially if you look the part.

So instead say, “how is your [insert specific day of the week]”.  This takes them by surprise and makes them think.  This subtle attention to detail will get them to give you a more personal and genuine answer,  thus avoiding the hum-drum “mmm… good” type response. Try to get creative don’t just always use the day of the week, or perhaps one day a past conversationalist will hear you start a conversation the same way twice.  This will hurt your intellectual credibility.

However, be careful with this technique.  You never want to get too specific otherwise the other person may think that you are weird.  Imagine if someone approached you and said, “How is your barchetta  sandwich on this Tuesday at approximately 12:45 pm?”  This is too much and may cause them to feel overwhelmed.  That will make them dislike you.