Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda.

If you didn’t know before after reading this blog I hope you understand how bad soda is for you.  Soda is a highly addictive substance. Caffeine in soda and other ingredients when consumed over a period of time can become something a person’s body craves. This is the reason we keep buying expensive sodas. This is why we should quit drinking soda today. Remember your body needs to eat, sleep and exercise but if you quit drinking soda you will see results.

Save money and stop drinking soda.

These days anyone can use a few extra bucks in our pockets. Here are  three financial reasons to quit drinking soda.

1. Soda is expensive; drinking drinking it adds up.

The average American drinks 216 liters (that’s 7304 ounces, or about 365 20-ounce bottles) a year. If you purchased your soda only at a vending machine, that’s about $550/ year. If, instead, you put this into a retirement account for 30 years at a 7% interest rate compounded annually, you’d have about $60,000.

2. You’ll save money on health care.

One of the most important things each person has is his or her health. When you get sick or hurt you have to see the doctor. If you have done this lately you know it’s not cheap at all. By losing weight and getting in better shape you will decrease the likely hood of you going to the doctor and having other health concerns.

3. Use soda money to buy more healthy food. 

If you have ever seen Food.INC of any other food documentary you understand the importance of buying good healthy food. If you have ever bought organic or locally grown food you understand that this food is pricey. Stop drinking soda and put the extra money towards food that will help you stay in better shape.

Drinking soda is bad for your health.

4. Soda increases your heart rate and blood pressure.

Soda consumption has be linked to higher heart rates and higher blood pressure. This is because the caffeine in the soda speeds up your heart and the sugar in the soda mixed with all of the other chemicals really hurts your body. Stop drinking soda and watch how much energy your body naturally produces.

5. Soda is really hard on your teeth.

Sugar and the acidity in soda is so hard on your teeth. You teeth will become stained if you drink lots of dark soda. Even clear sodas will hurt your teeth because they are so packed with sugar.

6. Stop drinking soda to lose weight.

Soda is packed with calories. So much in fact that one soda could makeup more than 20% of your total calorie intake in a single day. If you cut the soda out and eat the same you will take in less calories thus helping you lose weight. Mix in more healthy eating and some exercise and you will see results in as little as one week.

7. Soda is the lead cause of diabetes.

The fact is that regular soft drinks contribute to type 2 diabetes. Even if you drink those diet drinks you could still be at risk.

8. Drinking soda increases your risk of getting kidney stones.

Drinking 2 or more sodas per day is associated with increased risk of chronic kidney stones. There is so much sugar in soda that it is in most cases directly responsible for kidney stones.

9. Heartburn is contributed to soda drinking.

With all of the carbonation in soda a lot of people get get heartburn after drinking it.

10. It’s linked with liver problems.

People with liver problems are being linked to drinking a lot of soda. While most of us know beer and alcohol are bad for your liver it is no surprise that soda would be as well.


While it maybe difficult you should really try to make the change in your life and stop drinking soda. Water is the best thing you can drink. 8 glasses of water per day will keep your body perfectly hydrated. If you really don’t like drinking a lot of water you can try a number of other things. Try to drink coffee or tea if you need to whine yourself off of soda. The caffeine in these will help with headaches and withdraw. Other great drinks would have to be homemade lemonade or ice tea. Also there are packages of flavoring that you can put in your water to give it some flavor. If you really can’t stop drinking soda remember that portions can be the key. Drink less soda.