Party Sober Crew Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle changes can come in many different ways. Some people might need to get off their butt and start exercising, while others might need to just start eating healthier. Those people however that struggle with addiction need to make healthy lifestyle changes to quit using drugs and alcohol.

When you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol you can’t control your drug use and continue using the drug despite the harm it causes and takes away from the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. You may want to quit, but most people find they can’t do it on their own. Now those people who have struggled with addiction have people to look up to.

Party Sober Clothing is a revolutionary clothing company designed to promote a conscious, clear state of mind and a positive lifestyle with hopes that we will inspire others to be role models and follow their dreams the same way we have. A portion of proceeds goes to a foundation that gives scholarships to teens and young adults who are seeking help and way out of addiction.

Dominic Suazo and Feril Trevor Davis started Party Sober Clothing following their passion to help those people who have struggled addiction. Suazo and Davis gave an interview with ABC News in Salt Lake city recently where they said that they have had friends who have struggled with addition and have had their own struggles as well.

While some people have cleaned up their act and are role models for those with addiction, Suazo and Davis are trying to make a normal taboo subject something to talk about by designing clothes that sport the message of a clean and healthy lifestyle.

The most revolutionary aspect of Party Sober Clothing is that they are planning to donate a portion of proceeds to a program that will sponsor or fund programs for teens and young adults who need help with their own addiction problems. While a specific fund has not yet been determined the two are hoping that with the recent media coverage they have got that they will get connections and identify an organization soon.

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