Involving Rebounders in your Workouts

rebound fitnessRebounding is a great way to add a new dimension to your workouts without completely restructuring your exercise regimen. Rebounders are effective if they are used correctly and they will be a great supplement to any other exercise regimen.


Rebounders are sometimes even used exclusively by individuals who are unable to expand their workout regimen because of a lack of time, money or know-how. Although an exerciser could conceivably obtain a well-rounded workout from a treadmill, this method is not recommended since the individual would likely get burnt out with the monotony after a while.


The best way to use a rebounder is to get the benefits from it that you can’t get anywhere else. For example, using a rebounder for your aerobic exercises is great, but you could just as easily run outdoors for a while and then use your treadmill to give your lymphatic system the boost that your running couldn’t do.


To determine how you will use your rebounder in your workouts, here is a list of some of the health and fitness benefits that rebounding can offer you. Keep in mind that there are also many other exercise regimens that will offer you these same benefits without requiring you to limit yourself to just a rebounder.


As stated, rebounding can be a good aerobic and cardiovascular workout. You can get these benefits on virtually any rebounder regardless of model or type and without the inclusion of a jump bar.


To get and aerobic workout on a rebounder you will need to jump continuously for at least 10 or so minutes. This length will get your aerobic metabolism burning fat and helping out your heart and lungs, but you will need to do these exercises several times each week.


Rebounding can also be a good strengthening exerciser for certain muscle groups. Using a rebounder to exercise your legs might seem like a good idea but you would have to put a lot of effort into jumping high for a long time to get a solid workout.


If you are going to use a rebounder for strengthening your muscle groups try getting a good jump off of the rebounder and then performing a second jump immediately after landing on the floor. Another idea is to bounce on your rear end while using your arms for momentum.


Besides these benefits, you can get an amazing lymphatic workout by rebounding only for a few minutes. Since there are very few other exercises that offer the same benefits to your lymphatic system as rebounding this will probably be the most beneficial supplement to any regimen.