Embrace Lactic Acid

Hey world, I got a shocker for you today.  Lactic acid is actually a good thing.   Disregard what medicinenet.com says, they are totally wrong.  NYtimes reported on this back in like 2006, and I am just now learning about it for the first time.  I don’t know, it surprises me that even with how easy information sharing has become we are still terrible at it.  I blame misinformation.  That is why I will always be as credible as possible.  But of course, you have to do your own research too.


So as of now the precises mechanisms that actually cause muscle soreness are not known.  But what we do know is that lactic acid has approximately nothing to do with it. Well, not nothing. It has about as much to do with muscle soreness as gasoline does with a flat tire.  Lactic acid is actually a fuel for muscles.  You understand?  It is absorbed by he mitochondria and used to make energy. Neat huh?  In fact, L. Bruce Gladden, a professor of health and human performance at Auburn University said “there are specific proteins that carry lactic acid into the mitochondria to create fast burning energy.”  It is sort of like HOV lane when you are on the high way, fast tracking to your destination.


Even though people are severely confused about what causes soreness, the same basic remedies still work.  Light anaerobic exercise before the heavy workout, topical creams, and  steam rooms have been shown to relieve soreness.  Good luck kids and forget what you heard from your high school coaches.