Easy, Rewarding, and Normal

There are three necessary adjectives that will describe any successful change in one’s life. If you want to start blogging or if you want to start exercising, all you have to do is make sure that what you are doing is easy, rewarding and normal. To achieve a positive lifestyle change there is bit of work, but as long as you make it easy, rewarding, and normal you will benefit greatly from it. Let me explain.

easy buttonEasy
Making your new action  easy is going to be the first step to actually accomplishing it. If you want to make or break a habit you have to make it easy on yourself. For me I make exercise easy by buying a gym membership and keeping workout cloths in my car all the time. I make blogging easy by setting aside an hour each day for it.

trophy lifeRewarding
If something isn’t rewarding for you then you are not going to want to do it, even if it easy. Twilight isn’t rewarding for me and even though watching the movie would be a very easy thing for me to do, I still won’t because it is not in the slightest bit rewarding for me. Obviously there are health benefits to exercise. Running on a treadmill or elliptical is going burn calories, strengthen the heart, and make you stronger. Sometimes this isn’t rewarding enough, so you might have to give yourself some extra incentive. Blogging for me isn’t as rewarding as I would like it to be, so I create a reward for myself by stocking my desk with snacks–don’t worry they are healthy.

What? this is normal for me.

The key to any healthy change in life is consistency. Quitting smoking for a week doesn’t do a lot to prevent an early death. If you want to see the real benefits from quitting smoking you have to stay quit. Same with exercise or blogging or anything in life really. If you want to see the benefits of exercise you have to make it a normal part of your life. It doesn’t end when you reach your target weight or build, which is good because if it did life would be super boring. You have to maintain that physique. In smoking you have to maintain the discipline that helped you quit. And with blogging you have to maintain that resolve to express your thoughts, even if it is just to a number of SEO marketers trying to optimize your site.