Discovering the Great Outdoors

One of the healthiest exercises for your mind and body is hiking. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good hike. There’s something about being up high on a mountain or out in nature that seems to make our problems melt away. Hiking is not only good for relieving stress, but it’s very healthy for our bodies.

Chances are wherever you’re at, you can hop on the internet and do a Google search for hikes in your area, and you’ll find more than enough to keep you busy. Hiking is one of the most common hobbies in the world, and you’ll find that nearly every nook and cranny of this planet has been hiked and recorded, so use your resources and find some good hikes to explore.

Plan carefully. While it’s fun to be spontaneous, and take off to be one with nature in a moment’s notice, it isn’t very wise. There are many things that can happen on a hike, sometimes with serious consequences if we aren’t prepared.

Make sure the trail is clearly visible, and don’t go too far off it. If you can’t see the trail it’s very easy to get lost. This can be very dangerous, so avoid it at all costs by only going on hikes with clear trails, or taking a guide. Exploring can be fun, as long as you’re being safe.

Take others with you. If you’re by yourself, and you get hurt or stuck, nobody will be able to help you. Many hiking tragedies could have been prevented if people had not gone alone. Sometimes you may want to go alone. If you really want to go hiking alone, make sure that you tell people exactly where you’re going and when you plan to be back. That way people will know where you are if anything were to happen. Keep a cell phone with you, but don’t depend on it. All too often, people depend on their cell phones, only to find them to be out of service and useless on hikes.

Bring water, food, and the right clothing. Some hikes are much longer than others. Its important that you plan for the length of the hike, and the intensity of it. Wear proper hiking shoes and clothes, and make sure to always bring some form of first aid kit. Hikes are much more enjoyable when you’ve prepared properly.

Once you’re out there, relax! Don’t worry about hurrying through as fast as you can. Take time to enjoy the scenery, the plants, the animals, and the fresh air. Take time to rest when you need to. Make it as relaxing and enjoyable as you can.

Good luck with it. Feel free to tell us about any hikes you’ve gone on recently.