Most Dangerous Hike On Earth

Mount Huashan in China is a home to a lovely temple.  The spacious mountain tops and the fresh air provide a lovely setting for the magnificent oriental temple.  Many people make the pilgrimage to see the  inside of the holy temple.  The only downside to the hike is that it could quite possibly kill you.

Man sitting close to death

The hike is literally no more than a 12 inch plank that has been bolted into the side of a mountain. Just so you know this man is looking down more than a thousand feet.  If he were to slip he wouldn’t have much chance of surviving that type of fall.  But really, who slips when they are sitting down. I don’t think that is even possible.

How is that for an adrenalin rush?  Now if you are anything like that guy, you are probably going to see this picture and want to experience the thrill of sitting at the edge of death.