Benefits of Sunlight

In health media we seem to hear about the sun as an enemy. all they talk about is how it gives us skin cancer and makes our faces wrinkle up. Although it can do these things somewhat, they leave out all the necessary benefits that we get from the sun. We would be very unwise to always stay out of the sun, losing all of the benefits that we receive from it.

It is not good overdo the amount of sunlight we receive, but we should not be afraid to get an ample amount each day. It is one of the best curing agents the planet has to offer for many physical and emotional conditions, and gives us a long list of benefits that I will explain here.

First of all, it helps our skin glow. When in the sun, our skin produces Melanin, which makes our skin turn brown and helps protect us from UV rays. In the long run, you skin builds up a natural resistance to the Sun’s UV rays.

A less commonly known benefit of the sun is that it actually helps us lose weight, or keep it off by improving our metabolism and digestion. It also boosts the Endorphins and Seratonin our body creates and calms down our nerves, helping us to relax, feel peaceful, and have a greater sense of happiness throughout the day.

The Sun’s UV rays are great for killing the things we don’t want, including bacteria, fungi, yeast, viruses, molds, and more, which helps prevent us from getting a number of different diseases or problems. The sun also helps prevent and minimize acne, rashes, boils and other skin problems.

It helps to enhance our immune systems, by increasing our white blood cells so they can destroy germs and diseases better. It helps us to produce more red blood cells and increases the oxygen in our blood which can help with a number of issues. It helps us sleep better at night and slow down the aging process. It helps us our hormones balance out. It helps our liver do its job which will reduce our risk of cancer and other diseases. It helps lower our Cholestrol.

One of the main benefits we receive from the sun is the amount of Vitamin D it gives us. Vitamin D is basically only found from the sun, and gives us a host of benefits. This extra Vitamin D that we receive from sunlight can help to reduce the risk of cancer, heart problems, diabetes, Alzheimers, Osteoporosis, and more.

Although too much sunlight, may harm have potential to harm us, it is not a good idea to hide from the sun. The benefits we receive from it far outweigh the risk of harm from it.

So, get out there in the sun each day and enjoy the healthy life you’ll have from it. Just don’t overdo it and try not to get too sunburned. Good Luck!

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