5 Ways to Trick yourself into NOT exercising

  • Telling yourself you’ll do it later

Don’t Be This Guy

How often do you spend watching health videos, reading fitness articles online, or just talking about exercise? Now compare that to the actual time spent exercising.  If you are spending more time watching, reading, or talking about exercising than actually exercising, you may be a victim of the vicarious fallacy.  If you are SNAP OUT OF IT, no matter how much you think about exercising you won’t get anywhere unless you actually do it.  Stop imagining yourself doing things you clearly aren’t doing.

  • Make your workouts dependent on some inconsequential variable

This is a neat one. Many people find a way to trick themselves into excusing themselves from exercise.  For example, “oh I can’t exercise because I have no dumbbells”.  Ohh, the poor guy can’t exercise. WRONG, he can. Now get down and give me twenty. Pushups are  just one example of how to workout without dumbbells or any other fitness apparatus for that matter.  You do not need anything but a little motivation to exercise.

  • Calculate too little was enough

This one is my personal favorite way to avoid exercising.  Exercise requires a little bit of exertion right?  But you do not want to go out and actually physically exert yourself, so you buy a gym membership and spend twenty dollars a month on something you never use.  But hey, at least  you are satisfied until you realize, three months later, that you have spent a hundred dollars and used the facilities approximately zero times.