5 Easy Steps for Meditation

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Today, I am going to present the secret of life to you. This secret will provide you with love, happiness, and a peace of mind. This secret should come as no surprise to you, though. In fact, I’m sure you’ve heard of it many times before, but this does not mean you have applied it to your life, yet. The secret to love, happiness, and peace of mind is… drumroll, meditation.

You may hear that yogi’s are the happiest people on Earth. Well, this is because they know exactly how to achieve it. They take a simple 15-30 minutes a day to dedicate time to themselves. This time is usually spent in complete silence and bliss, in other words, the time is spend meditating. Of course, there are other factors that play a role in life such as, eating healthy and exercising.

For the most part, though, meditating can really bring people much happiness and peace. It is also a great stress reliever! This article will present 5 easy steps for how to practice meditation. These 5 steps are extremely simple and are great for people who have never tried meditating. If you have meditated before, you may want to use more advanced meditation techniques than the ones presented in this article.

1. Create a peaceful & blissful surrounding

This is a difficult step to describe because a peaceful and blissful surrounding is portrayed differently by every person. An easy way to find this “perfect bliss” is taking a moment to imagine the things that truly make you feel happy and at peace. So, this could be turning on some calming music, or finding a quite, clean, and peaceful room in your home. My personal favorite is sitting in an enclosed area that is lit with some nice smelling candles. It makes me feel warm and happy inside. The most important thing is making your own bliss. So, this step alone may take some time to think about. It is one of the most important aspects in achieving meditation.

2. Prepare for meditation

It may be helpful to have your “props” or items–designated for meditation only–set aside and ready for you. For example, if you like to sit on a yoga mat or a comfy pillow, then these can be ready to set up in a convenient place. Also, items such as candles should be set aside for meditation only, because it will trigger your brain and body that this time is for meditation only. Having certain items designated for meditation only purposes will prepare your brain, and it can help prevent thoughts from popping up (which is the most difficult aspect of meditating).

3. Clear your mind as best as you can

This step is probably the hardest step of them all, but it is definitely the most crucial. The purpose of meditation is to clear your mind from the world around you and get your mind into a deeper state of conscious (in this case, alpha brain waves). Sometimes this step can be confusing, because people say to push all thoughts out completely, however, it should actually be the opposite. You should welcome all thoughts in your mind, but you should just observe them, not engage them. After achieving this peaceful state of mind for just 3 days, you will begin to notice a new mental peace.

4. Focus

This step relates with and may be done at the same time as the last step. Focus is a huge part of meditation, because it allows you to ease into a deeper consciousness than if you were just laying down trying to concentrate. You may focus on either your breath or perhaps a mantra or a positive affirmation during your meditation sessions. There are several breathing techniques and practices that you can find on the internet to help improve your practices. For example, one breathing technique for meditation is to take a breath in for eight seconds, hold the breath for eight seconds, and exhale for eight seconds. That is one way to really slow the breathing and slow the mind, so you can achieve a peaceful meditation.

5. Finishing your meditation

This process can take some time and it is important to not rush this step. When you are ready to ease your way back into your physical state, the first step is adjusting your mind to your surroundings. Just feel present in the moment and understand the physical reality around you. After you have taken a few seconds to do that, you can then focus on your own physical body. Maybe wiggle your fingers or your toes and just be aware of each detail. After you have eased your way back into reality (which should have taken at least 30 seconds), you can then open up your eyes and get attuned to your surroundings. For an even more successful session, I would suggest not jumping right back into life at this very moment. I suggest sitting in a meditative position and reflect upon the thoughts or feelings you are having, and maybe feel some gratitude or say some positive affirmations.

Add Meditation to Your Life

These 5 simple steps have the potential to completely change your life for the better. You will begin seeing results from this practice in just days. You may notice it in the form of less stress, a clearer mind, or creativity. This practice is extremely popular and it takes so little time to do each day. Even if you just dedicated 10 minutes a day to this activity, you would see the benefits. Finding time for meditation is just as important as finding time for fitness, so make this healthy lifestyle and change and give it a try! I promise you won’t be disappointed.