WizDish: An Interesting New Product

For those who are into virtual reality and gaming, but dislike the fact that you aren’t actually moving around while you play these games, here is a solution for you…. Introducing: The WizDish!

Source: http://ispr.info/2012/10/19/wizdish-could-be-the-first-vr-locomotion-device-suitable-for-your-living-room/

The WizDish is a circular disk that is small enough to keep in your living room. Its slick walking surface allows users to “shuffle” along in any direction while they play their games. There aren’t any moving parts involved, so unlike a traditional treadmill, you don’t have to worry about a belt.

The WizDish isn’t offered for sale to the public quite yet, but when it is released it is rumored that it won’t cost too much – probably just a few hundred dollars each (source here). When compared to the price of an omnidirectional treadmill, or even a regular treadmill that is a great deal.

Let’s hope that the WizDish will be released soon. Otherwise you might have to rely on using treadmill coupons to get yourself a regular treadmill at a decent price.

The downside is that users are simulating walking – but aren’t actually walking. The feet of a user remain flat on the surface and it becomes more of a sliding motion with each foot as you “walk” along. But apparently this is a motion that you can get used to, and people who have tested the product actually say that it feels like walking after you get the hang of it.

Even if you aren’t into virtual reality, this disk could be used as a substitution for a treadmill desk, if you don’t have room to set up a treadmill at your workstation. There are plenty of reasons why you should add exercise to your life, so this might be a good solution for those who are tight on space, and would like to do *something* instead of sitting down at work or at home. Though you probably won’t burn nearly as many calories as you would if you were walking or running on a regular treadmill, you will at least be standing and doing some sort of movement, so it definitely is better than nothing.

When it comes to exercise, it is important to pick your passion, so that you will enjoy doing your workouts. If your passion just happens to be virtual reality, then you don’t have an excuse anymore not to get some exercise while you are gaming!

Oh, and if you would like to see how the WizDish compares to a treadmill, check out this video found on the WizDish website!