Treadmill Desks

A giant chunk of the population have to work at desk jobs in these days. A problem that so often comes with these jobs is the lack of exercise these people get. Sitting down all day takes a real toll on health. Is there any way possible to work at a desk job, and get exercise throughout the day? Well, I guess i’m not the only person that has asked that question.

Jay Buster, a desk worker made a goal to walk across America on his “Desk Treadmill.” A desk treadmill is just what it sounds like, A treadmill connected to a desk. It makes it possible to work at a desk while walking on a treadmill. It may take a little getting used to, but you can imagine the benefits. Jay’s goal took about a year and a half, but he successfully walked across the United States while working. He lost 20 pounds and his body was much healthier.

These treadmill desks are becoming much more popular these days and you can buy them on a variety of different sites. With all of the benefits that come from these innovative desks, it may be worth looking into.

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