Smart Shirts Correcting Posture

Shirt that benefits health

The future is a comfortable, sleek and stylish place.  This, my friends, is a smart shirt.  It is programmed to vibrate when your posture is off.  So if you are exercising with bad posture or just walking like a monkey the shirt will give you a gentle reminder to fix your form.

The video doesn’t say much.  In fact, it seems to be more about that ladies hair than the shirt itself, but to be perfectly honest I was really impressed with the artistic, geometric lines they drew in their. I am betting they used Illustrator or Cinema 4d for that effect.

The shirt was developed by  It is made of little elastic bands that measure the movements of the wearer, and records them for irregularities.

Move shirt
These are sewn into the shirt

Then it fires the information to some sort of computation device, where you can visual asses your data.

info display
Here we get a visual read out.

In my opinion this is what clothes should be made to do. This could be very beneficial to dancers, golfers, fighters, or any athlete for that matter.  And of course if you have bad slouching habits then this will be a very effective way to correct those.  I can see how this would improve many athletes and performers by helping them to develop their talents. And also how this could prevent many future back problems.  As of now they are not available to buy, but as soon as they are i’m going to let you guys know.