Proform’s Tour De France Exercise Bike

Tour De France Exercise BikeHave you ever kept up on the Tour De France race? I stand in awe that anyone is able to even travel that far on bike, let alone the the amazing time they do it in. Did you know that the Tour De France is total distance of about 2,130 miles? That is an incredible distance to travel on bike. It reminds me of when I was back in boy scouts doing my cycling merit badge. The requirement to receive that badge was that you had to ride 50 miles in under 8 hours. I remember cringing during our 20 mile practices, and when the time finally came for the full 50 miles, it took everything I had to summon that much stamina out of my poor little body. And I wasn’t out of shape.

The Tour de France is such an extraordinary race that the whole world seems to stop to watch as it’s happening. In honor of the race Proform Fitness has come out with an exercise bike to let those of us who aren’t there, also participate. The bike is named the Le Tour De France Exercise Bike, and is their highest quality exercise bike that they’ve come out with. One of the reasons for its name is because it can simulate the the extremely hilly terrain of the real Tour De France. Ordinary exercise bikes have no way of simulating such terrain, because they can’t go up or down to simulate hills. The Tour De France bike is able to incline and decline 20% in both directions. It’s also connected to google maps so that all you need to do is choose your course and start pedaling. Google Maps will automatically incline and decline the bike based on the terrain. This lets you get a real feel for the terrain with all the hills and even the wind resistance. This is one of the smartest bikes around.

If you have trouble getting yourself out biking, you should try this exercise bike out. Give yourself long courses and see how long it takes for you to complete them. Push yourself and race against yourself, or better yet, race against others. The great thing about this is that you don’t need to wear a helmet! And you can watch TV while you exercise. Many reviews are about this claim that the real outdoor feeling helps motivate them to use it more. If you’re looking for something to spice up our exercise life try this bike out. You’ll love it. You can get it or check out more about it at the official Proform site Tour De France Exercise Bike. You can read a review about it and get a $75 coupon here at Proform Coupons Proform Tour De France Bike.