Beds for Exercise equipment?

Exercise on BedPeople come up with a lot of excuses for not exercising at home. One very common excuse people say is that they don’t have any exercise equipment. Well, they are mistaken. There is one piece of exercise equipment that everybody has. That is a Bed. That’s right, beds can be excellent for getting exercise. Don’t worry, I’m not implying anything risque’, but rather that a bed can be used as a prop for many exercise routines. Whether they be Brown leather beds, water beds, soft plushy air beds, or anything else, you can do these exercises.

Dips. You can use your bed to do dips. Pull up a chair with height of the seat about level with the bed, and sit on the bed and prop your feet on the chair. Then with your hands on the edge of the bed, move your bum off the edge, and lower and raise yourself with your arms. These are dips. The sinking in of the bed, actually makes the dips require more effort which builds better muscles.

Inclined Pushups. You can use your bed to do incline pushups. This is very simple. Put your feet up on the bed, and face stomach down, and put your hands on the ground. Keeping your body straight you will be in an inclined position. Once positioned, start doing pushups. The extra incline will help build your shoulders and triceps better than regular pushups.

Reverse Situps. The bed is an excellent place to do reverse situps. Simply lye at the edge of the bed on your stomach with your torso hanging halfway off. Then pull your chest and head up as high as you can without using your arms or legs, then lower yourself down and go up again. Do this repeatedly to help build your lower back muscles very well.

These exercises are great because you don’t even have to get out of bed to do them, and they build some of the most important important muscles in your body. Doing these exercises will help you appreciate your bed even more. Good luck with them.

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