Six Tricks To Sexy Abs


great Abdominal Muscles
You can expect abs like this.


Spine Leg Raise
This targets the lower abdomen, and is going tighten that pelvic region.

Make this effective by keeping your lower back flat on the floor.

Lift legs slowly upward and then let them down slowly, maintain control.

Notice his back stays flat.

Inverted Toe Touch

This is an exercise made to blast those obliques.

Lie on your back and keep space between chin and chest.

Lead with your chest, straight legged all the while, alternate the toe touch .

Reach as high as you can.

V up

This is a fun one to do, kind of like a combination of the last two.

Lay on your back then lead with your chest while you contract at center.

This is going to move the tension to the center of the abdomen.

Try to touch your toes


This is my favorite because it works as a great full body exercise.

Do this for 15 minutes a day to burn calories and shrink that waistline.

Jump in the air, squat to the ground, hop into a pushup, then do it all in reverse.

Not as juvenile as it sounds

This is probably the most effective way to strengthen and tighten the core.

Keep your back as straight as possible. Maintain hold till exhaustion.

Forearms to the ground back parallel to the floor.

Stay as still as possible

Belly Blast

This really tightens and brings the stomach inward.

This one is undoubtedly the best.

In plank position do some funny little butt movements.

Like this. Oh yeah.