Rebounders in Exercise

Sometimes just running on a treadmill or outside can get a little monotonous and boring. Have you ever been on a trampoline before? Trampolines are an amazing way to get some fun exercise. The only problem is that they are too big or too expensive and require a backyard. That is when you say, “What is a rebounder?”. Rebounders are mini trampolines that you can use to switch up your workout.

At first you might think that they wouldn’t be that big of a workout. You would be wrong though. Rebounders are just as if not more effective than treadmills. The workout from a rebounder will quickly drain you of your energy and you will be sweating in no time. These small trampolines can be easily moved and stored. Set it out in front of the TV while you watch, try out some rebounding exercises, or even use it to do something crazy like this guy,

So if you’re getting bored with running give rebounding a shot, there is so much you can do.