Not For The Weak

This exercise is not for the weak of heart, it is not for the lazy, and it is not for anyone who is going to make excuses.  INSANITY is an exercise routine that is specifically designed for those who really want to change their physique.  It is for those who have the will power and the determination to make a drastic change in their life.  This is a home workout routine that lives up to its hype.  With just twenty minutes of exercise each day you can look like these people.

before and after

Before and After

I could sit and tell you about this routine, but this video says it a lot better.

Shaun T’s Top Workouts

Do each of these exercises for one minute then switch to the next without stopping.  After you have gone through the entire circuit (all six exercises) take a one minute rest. Repeat this circuit three time. It should take a total of twenty minutes.


Insanity Workout

Spread your feet shoulder width apart, keep your arms bent at the elbows and close to your body.  Hop onto your left foot while lifting your right knee toward your chest.  Drive your left arm forward and right arm back.   Then hop onto your right foot and drive your left arm forward and right arm back, like you are running in place. Alternate left foot right foot for an entire minute.


Stance Jacks

Insanity Workout

Stand with feet together and arms out, so you look like a cross. Jump into a deep squat, lowering left hand toward your right foot. Keep the arms straight, fingers touching and the squat low. Jump back to start and repeat on the opposite side.  Alternate between sides for one minute, keep up a quick pace throughout.


Hit The Floor

Insanity Workout

Start in a regular standing position with shoulder width apart and arms relaxed. Crouch down (as shown) placing the right hand on the floor closer to the left foot. Keep the left arm extend back.  Jump in the air and land in a crouch with the position reversed. Repeat exercise for one minute.


Power Jump


Start with feet shoulder width apart.  Keep your knees loose, not locked, and lower yourself into a squat.  Jump out of the squat raising your knees as high as you can toward your chest.  Try placing hands on the knees in midair.  Land with knees loose, not locked, and repeat for a minute.


Switch Kick


Start with palms to the floor and feet flat.  Keep the buttocks elevated and alternate kicking left foot then right.




Start by going into a squat like with the power jump.  Lower yourself till thighs are nearly parallel with the floor.  Jump into the air touching hands above the head and feet together with bent knees (as shown).


How it Works

Body Weight Resistance

These exercises all utilize body weight resistance, which activates much more muscular resistance than typical weight training because the resistance is spread across more muscle area. This is going to cause more caloric burn and it is going to resonate deeper in the core of the body.  So these exercises are not going to turn you into a beefy meat-head, but it will sculpt your body till it looks like you are made of granite. An added bonus to body weight resistance is that you never have to buy any unnecessary equipment.

Different Energy Types

Insanity engages mega-caloric burn by utilizing three different types of energy systems in the body.  What is that? You didn’t know about the different energy systems int the body. They are the phosphogen, clycolytic and oxidative.

  1. Phosphogenic energy is used to produce quick rapid burst of energy, like jumping, five second sprints, and other plyometric exercises
  2. Clycolytic energy is used for weight lifting, one minute sprints and other types of anaerobic exercises.
  3. Oxidative energy is used for yoga, long jogs, and all the other aerobic exercises.

(To learn more about the different energy systems follow this link)

There have been other routines that have incorporated aerobic with anaerobic exercise, but INSANITY is the very first to merge all three (aerobic, anaerobic and plyometric) to maximize performance and energy burn.  Thus making this routine truly unique and extremely effective.  However, like any other routine you have to put effort into it to take any thing out.

The question is, are you insane enough to change your life?