Get a bike!

One of the main problems in our age is that we are so pampered by our technology, it seems like we hardly ever need to use our bodies for anything anymore. With cars, computers, and cell phones we can do most everything we need with as little effort as possible. While this is very comfortable and convenient for us, it takes a toll on our bodies. Our bodies become weak, soft, uncoordinated, and unhealthy. Keeping our bodies healthy is vital to keeping our minds invigorated and happy. If we let our body go, our mind will slump with it. We don’t want that. We should do whatever we can to make use of our bodies every day, to keep that from happening.

One of the very best ways to do this is to get ourselves a bike. We are so used to hopping in the car to go to work, school, or just down the block, that we don’t even think about it any more. That has become our sole means of transportation. An alternative to driving is biking. It takes a bit longer, and requires more effort on our part, but it is very enjoyable and very healthy.

Plan out your schedule to give yourself a little extra travel time so that you can bike instead of drive. Biking is a great Cardiovascular activity, and is great for your legs. It’s also fun to do with friends. Its much better than running because it doesn’t hurt your knees or joints. Another benefit is the cost. It really saves on Gas money. As you bike from place to place you will notice more about your city and your surroundings, and will likely end up meeting more people.

Make sure to always wear a helmet, and follow all traffic rules as you bike around town. Make it as safe as it is fun. When you get into the habit of biking you’ll never want to go back to driving. This is one of the healthiest lifestyle changes we could do. Pass the idea on. More people ought to do this.

For those who live in an area where biking may not be possible for whatever reason, you can always look at getting a stationary exercise bike and using it in your home.

Good luck with it! See you next time!