3 Techniques to Create Creativity

Every once in a while on this site we take a break from the old “fitness fanatic” angle and we look at much simpler approaches to improving our lives. Today I would like to share with you some very interesting techniques to creating creativity.

Doodle Notes

Visual Notes
They are notes not masterpieces

The Wall Street Journal discussed how some companies were taking new approaches to developing creativity in their offices. The employees are encouraged to take visual notes (a.k.a. doodle). Big firms are holding seminars and training their employees in what is known as ‘visual note taking’. Some companies are even going so far as to hire graphic recorders, sort of like a stenographer but they doodle instead of type.

Doodling does a number of things that stimulate creativity. They help to generate ideas by illuminating concepts in a new light. They fuel collaboration, adding to a doodle is much easier than adding to an essay. Most of all they simplify communication, they express ideas in a simple and understandable way. So next time you are in class or at work taking notes, work in a few doodle illustrations as well.

Exercise Your Working Memory

Lifehacker.com , a great website, shared a very interesting research done by Ph. D of psychological studies, Art Markman.  His research suggest that working memory plays a large role in creativity.  Working memory is the memory you use in daily life, your working knowledge, kind of like your RAM.  This is not to be confused with your long term memory.  Long term memory includes all those fun memories of playing in the backyard as a kid.

Now there isn’t any definitive way to develop working memory, but there are a few approaches that are believed to help. According to a study done by PNAS games like duel n-back actually increase working memory and fluid intelligence.  So start playing more brain games.

Improved Vocabulary and Comprehension

Most everyone will say that their thoughts come as words in their head.  If you want to be able to better express yourself better then developing vocabulary is key.  Not only will you communicate better with those around you but you will also begin to notice your thoughts becoming more in depth.

Vocabulary is easy enough to develop, all you have to do is add one word to your word-stock every day.  Also start reading heavier books, this will help you to improve your comprehension and thus improve your thinking and creative abilities.